Sunday Teaching Series

Set Free To Live Free

This new teaching series is based on the Ten Commandments. Thousands of years ago, God revealed the framework for life as it should be. Simple values for everyday living that provide the foundation of our laws and principles. Yet society is slowly moving from this essential guide, as these absolute truths give way to a subjective culture. How can we reclaim these timeless truths for living and apply them in a modern world? Our new teaching series will revisit the Bible's perfect design for our relationship with God and those around us, and as we do, we will discover that the Ten Commandments are as relevant now as the day they were given!

This Week

09.30am Sun 27 Aug 2017
Contemporary Worship
11.15am Sun 27 Aug 2017
Traditional Worship (HC)
09.00am Tue 29 Aug 2017
Prayer (in the Vestry)

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