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Why Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are at the very heart of life at St. Mary's; they're a brilliant way to make friends as we connect with God and with one another. They are places where you can grow in your Christian faith and all have in common the following C's:

Connect with other Christians

Connect Group is the main place for making friends with other Christians, experiencing Christian fellowship and building community. It's in a group that you can get to know others well, laugh and cry together. They are the best place to offer and receive pastoral care and support.

Connect more deeply with God

Connect Groups are a great place to grow in your faith by studying the Bible together (often exploring Sunday's message further), learning to pray with others and through worship. Your group is an ideal place to see personal spiritual growth and to be accountable to one another.

Connect with those who do not yet know God

A Connect Group offers an ideal opportunity to reach out to those who do not yet know God. This can be done in all manner of ways: hosting dinner parties, pursuing shared interests, going out for the night! In your group you can pray for your friends and support each other in mission and evangelism.

What, When and Where?

We know that for many people today life is so busy. That's why Connect Groups come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and meet at different times and places! What is most important is finding a group of people that you connect with and who are there to help you in your Christian faith.


Some Connect Groups are more formal, some less so. Some eat together, some meet in the pub, some are based around interests. A group can be anywhere in size from three people, though it is more usual for them to be about 8-12 people. As they grow and become larger they look to form two groups.


Connect Groups meet midweek, often fortnightly, though some meet more frequently and others less so – just have a look to see what groups are currently running.


Connect Groups meet in homes, at work, even online. They are located all over Purley, Tilehurst and some even further afield. We're always looking to start new groups, so let us know if you would like to set one up.

How Do I Join One?

You can join an existing Connect Group at anytime, though it might be more helpful to join a new group. New groups often begin at the start of a new term, or as a new Sunday series begins. To find out more about any of the groups that are currently running or what new groups are being planned for the future, please contact our Connect Groups coordinators This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Connect Groups

Long Lane
2.00-4.00pm (weekly)
Dai and Janice
2.00-3.30pm (weekly)
Dan and Beckie
8.00-10.00pm (as arranged)
St. Mary's
2.00-4.00pm (monthly)
Table Talk
Dai and Jackie
Long Lane
7.30-9.30pm (weekly)
Nigel and Kathryn
7.45-9.45pm (fortnightly)
David and Janice
8.00-9.45pm (fortnightly)
Steve and Bron
Lunchtime (monthly)

St. Mary’s Avenue
Purley on Thames
Reading, RG8 8BJ

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0118 942 4390

Connecting People With God