Christmas is coming - so you BETTER BE GOOD!

We welcome EVERYONE to join us and come along and enjoy masculine fellowship and banter.

We are always doing lots so please make sure you connect with Jon (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to get the regular email of events and happenings for the men in our community and the newsletter of bizarre stuff - Man Friday.

PIE & PINT - Chit and chat - chew the cud and grab some grub, all in one place - what could possibly go wrong!

CURRY TIME! - "I just don't get it, what is it with men and curry?! - Mrs Sav. Sea is wet, sky is blue, accept there are some things that are simply meant to be....don't fight it.

GOT AN IDEA? - If you would like to do something together, even share a passion or activity with us then share the idea - share the love! 

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Curry Time - can't touch this.

23rd November (Thursday Night) - Masala 22 - Hildens Drive....so good IT'S GONNA BE BIBLICAL - AWESOME!


19:30 arrive for 20:00 eats (that's 8PM in olde money)

Chewing and breathing, talking and listening (over-rated!), origami, whatever new skill you wish to learn it is available somewhere, just probably not here! 

FEAR NOT! Despite requests to the opposite, I do indeed have a large stock of out of date Trivial Pursuit to bamboozle and delight in equal measure.

So if you fancy curry or maybe something foreign let me know!

It's academic really - but given that this is a modern world of fandangle communications methods I ask you all to embrace a multi-channel experience and let me know your dining preferences by any means possible including (but not limited to) Facebook, twitter, email, telephone, written letter form, semaphore, smoke signals, fly by or simply just speak to me! 

I know it is an exercise in futility, but it brings me enormous pleasure so I would like to add that, as always, all venue suggestions are entertained and valued before they are ignored!

Watch your emails (and this site) for updates. If you intend to come along, if would like a lift, or if you can offer a lift - let the Savmeister know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


OH no you didn't!

Oh yes WE did!

But we will never tell you. After many, many curry reviews, it is with a sad heart i tell you that there will be no more people - unless something spectacular or truly dreadful happens curry reviews are no more......

As always whether we eat British or foreign, whatever delights we choose, I DEMAND that all men come armed with your very best story, a tale of derry-do, romance, slaying dragon, swimming rivers, rescuing puppies from a fate worse than a Korean Coronation Street - allow me to reiterate YOUR VERY BEST STORY..


NEWSFLASH - Previous reviews....See above - not happening!

Fancy a break? Get involved and get active. Fellowship & Social.

CYMBRAN was awesome!

A small group of very naughty boys managed to get a whole weekend pass and trotted off to Wales on Friday 2nd October for the weekend to walk the Brecon Beacons. 

Hosteled up in a bunk house courtesy of the YHA the main party was extremely let down by the less than accommodating trailblazers who arrived in advance but singularly failed to plump pillows and light scented candles, furthermore they did not run a warm bath nor place slippers by the fire.

Saturday was a stunning sunny walk along the Beacons followed on Sunday by a shorter walk around some waterfalls, sighseeing a downed Lancaster from WWII and a poignant time of reflection for the young brave Canadian crew. As this was such a success we are committed that will do this again later this year but not sure on the pillows and candles - so if you are interested and wish to register interest.... (normal stuff please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Men's walking group - REPRISE!

5-8 Mile Walk | Third Saturday of month 9.30am 

As if by magic we segue into the next article.

Watch this space for details from Tony and Richard on the latest walking expedition....or just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Something a little different

Enjoy riding a treader? Come enjoy the cross-country, mountain bike style.

In an act of solidarity to those who put on a frock on Sundays (the Rector) a group of us guys dressed up too and we put on lycra! Probably a sight that is best witnessed only ONCE.

The men's group went to the Bracknell Look-Out centre for a spot of off-road havoc on the specially designed mountain bike courses - and the best bit is we did not have to clean the bike afterwards - they do it all, how good is that?

We had 2 hours of good outdoors fun and only 1 minor spill (goodness knows how). WE WILL DO THIS AGAIN as I really enjoyed it!

If you are interested just let me know and as soon as we agree a date you will get the call. 2 hours fun with a fully supplied bike, map, guide (if we want one) and safety gear - what could possibly go wrong?

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